Tuesday, August 05, 2008

no Internet, time, power.

well, it's been a few days now, and with a combination of having
immediately lost an important solar panel adaptor for my email
devicez, little time to spare after riding, playing, and camping, as
well as a thorough lack of wifi in the rural areas we've been
inhabiting, this blog has been sorely neglected!
There will be pictures soon, need to find a computer to use for a bit...
Real quick:
First days ride to noho was nice, show was excellent, great turnout,
considering there were 2 Other big experimental shows that night..
Played with schurt kwitters, whose unplugged audio jacks picked up the
strangeness inherent in josh's basement, josh demonstrated a profound
knack for self defense technique and tape techno...
2nd day:
rain brought a tree down immediately ahead of us seconds after we
stopped arbitrarily..
Goshen was nice, though I discovered that I'd Been riding on flat
trailer tires all day...!
Too many bands played to rum down, but visitations set stood out
amongst the best.. They played with big... Something... Another band,
I'll reedit this later when I remember!
In, met shayna up there, she's riding with us now and has a ridiculous
story of riding to goshen where after she breaks a spoke and gets a
flat, these "miracle max" from princess bride fellas take her in and
fix her up proper on their little shack before sending her out on the
road again.. The deets are best beheld from her telling though..
Brattleboro was a good show, travis laplante is the new
experimental sax president in my mind, mv & ee washed our minds in
piney smoke rings.. Yesss
Now we're on our way to Portland, me... 3 day trip, 90 miles today!
This was written in a cafe in concord nh, and now we must go!
We got a write up in my hometowns local paper, google "recorder
greenfield raub Roy" can't link on this thing.


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