Sunday, August 10, 2008



So, apparently when I try to blog from my phone, only the first page
of text makes it to the blog... This is demonstrated in the last 2
postings I believe... The very last one becoming all the more ominous
for it, huh?
I was going to say tv tell the whitehaus people that we're going to be
late, please call us... And put down my #

They DID call, though it didn't come through, and I got the message
the next afternoon.. Cellphones!

So, after being in the eye of the storm for a good halfhour, it calmed
down or moved on or something and we continued... At one point though
found our way blocked by a knee deep half block long puddle, which we
immediately forged, trailers floating behind us and cars sending waves
in their wakes...

Then we got really lost.

After a good hour or so of complete lostedness, kurt just figured out
which way in general jamacia plain was (south west) and we took a
hundred little alleys and side streets until we finally found
ourselves at berkely performing arts and there was a pretty straight
shot from there, we arrived around midnight, 5 hours after our eta.

The whitehaus family are some of the a1bestest people I've ever met,
immediately making us at home, getting Chinese food for us, and
keeping a core crowd around just long enough to let us relax and
finally play our sets... Lovely people, just lovely.

Yesterday kurt and I rode to south carver and met my mom and Dianne
(remember her from before? My gf, then title changed to friend and
advisor? (but still my girlfriend) well Do ya?) which we were late to
as well...

We all rode out to woods hole to catch the ferry to marthas vineyard,
only realizing how late we were again about 2 hours ago, then sprinted
to make the 6:15 ferry, which only kurt made, waving as I pulled up to
the dock... I'm writing this on the 630 freight, and dianne and my mom
should probably make the 7:30..,


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