Monday, August 11, 2008

Show Listings

Here is the most up to date list of shows. There will be more!
7.31.08  The Bookmill, Montague, MA with Vetiver
8.01.08  145 South Street, Northampton, MA with Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof, Schurt Kwitters
8.02.08  Wickermania, Goshen, MA with Big Blood, Sunburned Hand O' the Man, Visitations, Yuke of Space, Jow Jow, MV & EE, some Bunwinkiesesque kind-a thing, Heavy Creatures, Aswara, Black Medic, Shaw & Anna & a whole lot more, more more more!!!!
8.03.08  The Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT with MVEE and Travis Laplante
8.06.08  a park?, Portland, ME with ID M Theft Able, Shea (SORRY< RAINED OUT)
8.07.08  Marika's House, Kittery, ME with Chris Weisman and Sheena Charland
8.08.08  Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA with Anna and Shane
8.10.08  Che's Lounge, Vineyard Haven, MA

8.13.08 Firehouse 13, Providence, RI with Food not Bombs
8.14.08 Oasis Pub, New London, CT
8.15.08 Red Scroll Record Store, Wallingford, CT with Molly showing old movies!
8.17.08 Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY with Glass Ghost
8.18.08 Backyard potluck show!!! 59 Linden st, Brooklyn Ny 
8.19.08 Spacespace, Queens, Ny with Andrea Williams, living things
8.23.08 Golden West Cafe, Baltimore, MD
8.24.08 Lighthouse, Washington DC with DC Duo Janel & Anthony, New American Folk Hero Travelling Road Show: Mike Tamburo, Tusk Lord, Haunted Creatures, Kohoutek, Chris Niels, and possibly Melissa Moore
8.27.08 Monkeyclaus Studio Nellysford, VA (nearish to charlottesville)
8.29.08 the Camel, Richmond, VA
9.06.08 Eaglewing Farm, Chapel Hill, NC with Matt Bauer, Boyzone

Here are some dates we need shows on (ideas?):

8.21.08 Philadelphia, PA
8.31.08 Norfolk, VA
9.03.08 Greenville, NC
9.05.08 Raleigh, NC
9.06.08 Greensboro, NC
9.09.08 Charlotte, NC
9.16.08 Athens, GA
9.18.08 Atlanta, GA

We decided we'd rather turn around in Atlanta and ride home than ride to Florida and take a train. Sorry Florida.

Tour contact #: (413)512-1136

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