Saturday, August 16, 2008

Martha's vineyard

So... Our big rush to catch the ferry was for naught, as we not only
arrived in plenty of time, but didn't end up playing for a couple
hours due to waiting for people you show up, which never really
happened, I guess due to a festival and another show or something..
Fine fine, tasty Brie and bread after quelled all tensions.. Got lost
in the dark on the way to briannas house, but upon finding it, our
stay waS a delight, with a delishous farm fresh eggs and spuds and
cheesy biscuits breakfast.. Riding all day every day has a tendency of
focusing one's mind on food thoughts and memories, sorry!

Brianna made me a great iPod shuffle mix for biking to, too! Sun city,
willie nelson, Turkish techno!

Went swimming the next day, a picture of which will be posted soon, we
all floated very floatily in the salt wayter.

Then headed back to myles standish campground, my mom went home, and
we prepared our route to providence...

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