Sunday, August 24, 2008

backed up in baltimore

we have had little time and even less internet connection!! this is the reason as to why our blog is a little outdated. we have the time and internet now only because we are in bike maintenance land in baltimore. Yikes!! kurt broke a spoke last night and raub has a wobbly wheel (i think due to the way the trailer attaches to the bike). we need to be in d.c. tonight for a show at the lighthouse...its about 35 miles away...and it is 4:30 now. we're hoping to make it there around 9...that's a lot of fast peddlin'...

to be continued...

p.s. for the parents...we're safe and having fun!!

p.p.s. thank you to all of the people we have met on the road that have provided tons of support, from directions to day old pastries...we couldn't do it without you!!

...entered by dianne from the Velocipede Bike Project in Baltimore...check it out this place rocks!!


sarah said...

stoked to see you guys next week! please come to:
casa de carter
314 North Shore Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

jv said...

it was my cue sheet that boson gave you. there was one thing that needed to be corrected so hopefully you made it there OK.

Kurt's Mom said...

Hi Kurt and Raub. We have been watching your blogs and are always happy to know where you are out there! What a trip you have had. It is hard to believe that you have been on the road for a month already. I hope you got your first goodie package. There is one more on the way. If you have more addresses, I will send more. Raub, your mom's comments were well written. I couldn't agree more with them. Take care and keep in touch. Love, Kurt's mom