Monday, August 18, 2008

New London, new haven, dominos

Our trip to new London was additionally marred by furious storms, a
flat tire, poor roads with little or no shoulder, and lastly the
discovery that we had traveled too far south in rhode island, and that
one must cross an inlet to arrive in new London from the east, and the
only southernly direct bridges weren't accessable by bicycle... One
must cross further south on a ferry if one hopes to achieve one's new
London destination on bicycle... We realized this not long after we
had called to cancel the show... Highlights of this misadventure are
few but funny, one of which will be on a soon to be posted photo, of
me trying (somewhat successfully even!) to dry my soaked tshirt over a
super hot light at a trucker rest stop spot where we were mapping our
route... Apparently, people could see the light flickering a good ways
down the road, and were righteously surprised to discover the source
of such weirdness! I guess I took on the semblance of some sort of
holy man and kinds freaked out Dianne and kurt too... They're over it
now though.

Our other highlight was finding a suitable camping spot, which kurt
ultimately discovered in his observation of some high power transistor
lines, the sort that go for miles and miles and that would be maybe a
nice, albeit weird hike for someone someday... We scoped out a choice
spot under a pine tree, just out of view if the road, using our green
tarp to camouflage our all-too-meant-to-be visible bike trailers from
the street, and had a few oh so soft (thick layer of pine needles
under bedroll is the best!) hours of sleep before a Particuarly early
6am wake up in order to get to new haven on time..,

... So, what had been meticulously planned as an easy 60 mile from new
London to new haven, took on grueling and somewhat obnoxious
proportions that day, as in order to cross the inlet u had mentioned,
we had to backtrack north 20 miles.. Then still had the origional 60
to go!
We started off by sleeping through our alarm clock and getting out an
hour and a half later than planned, the second tier of the domino
effect that was started with our providence social over-indulgences...
.. Dianne got a flat as soon as we got on the road, and another within
20 minutes, where we discovered a tack in her tire... I got a flat an
hour later, and we realized that if we had any more problems or
breaks, we would miss our new haven show as well, which we were told
had a pretty tight time restriction. People in new London hadn't
responded to our emails and we didn't know anybody there so it seemed
ok to miss in a way, like no one would miss us, but the new haven show
was arranged by our good friend molly and we didn't want to let her
down.. In this respect, the heat was on, if you will!
So we rode and rode, discovering that mid conneticut is rather hilly,
the likes of which we hadn't seen since new Hampshire! We finally
found some reprieve in a junction that meant we had only another 20
miles to go, a regular day's bike ride, as kurt pointed out! After all
that, we crossed the town line as a hard and cold rain thrashed us
properly for our last 5 miles... Grueling.

The show was at redscroll records, a metal and noise shop in a well to
do putskirt of new haven, the name of which escapes me right now..

Anyways, we watched some fairly hilarious films molly had collected,
molly is am archivist, then kurt played, and I played out in a gazebo
a block away .. Sorta imvading some teenagers refuge and perhaps
scaring them away.,
Nice show altogether, though poorly attended and subsequently we felt
a little poorly for our grueling ride.. Oh well!

Our trip back to molly's house was 12 miles, but took us forever as I
was cranky and riding slow, but tried to snap out of it, but was
actually exhausted and started falling asleep on my bike, dreaming
weirdness and somehow not falling off... Then a few days ago in new
cacaan upon trying to fall asleep, I kept dreaming that I was riding
my bike and would awake suddnly, alarmed to find that I had fallen
Ok... Time to play Brooklyn, will catch you up to today tomorrow! Night!

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