Friday, August 22, 2008

New York!

New York was amazing! We were very nervous on our approach into the Big City but can all agree now that it was our easiest and most relaxed of arrivals. Kalim, a friend of Kurt and Raub's (and now mine!!), was sweet enough to meet us in the Bronx and escort us through Manhattan to our destination in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we rode along the Hudson which was crowded with locals and tourists alike enjoying life under the warm sun. It was quite relaxing. 

On Sunday, our arrival day, the guys played at Goodbye Blue Monday, a cute little bar/cafe. Lots of old friends were in attendance...yaay!! We made new friends as well. Thank you Matthew Clark for letting us crash at your place and Simon we appreciate you sharing your space with us as well...glad that we (Raub and I) could entertain you with our snores!

Monday!!! We didn't get on our bikes at all!!! Our little tooshies are sore from all of the riding and were excited for this day. The three of us went in our own direction. Kurt walked the city, I toured around the city by means of subway and ferry (thank you Katy for being my escort for the day!!) and Raub hung low working on tour details and blog updates. We all rallied back together at the end of the night for a backyard potluck show at Matthew's place. The night started off with a guy who played a mandolin with effects surrounded with candles and blue was amazing!! I'm sorry to not remember his name but he was great. Kurt played a lovely set and the atmosphere was perfect. Everyone listening attentively and settling in closely as the night cooled off. Raub finished off the night...just right!!

Tuesday, more playing around the city finished with one of the best shows i've seen on the tour so far at Space! Space! The peep's there were so friendly...making us dinner and all!!

Wednesday...we're off but not before a maintenance check on the bikes and some delicious ice cream. On to Philly!!

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Katy said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to hang out in NYC for a couple of days, it was really great to see you and hear a couple shows. And I'm glad to see you've made it through NJ just fine . . . and then on to broke spoke and beyond. . . Hope you're having fun and great weather!