Monday, August 18, 2008


As we neared providence, running late as usual, we started to realize
that our directions were wrong, as the street we were to take avwats
in, was one way in the other direction!
Luckily, a fine young cyclist (jason) came to our aid upon being asked
for directions and actually escorted us straight to firehouse 13! This
is now our preferred method for getting fromthe city limits to the
show proper! In fact, today, in a few or so hours, upon seeing the NYC
skyline, we're to call our friend kaleem who will come meet us and
escort us through the busy ny byways, yessss!

Anyways, everyone at the firehouse was really nice and attentive to
our specific bikey needs, and after a while food not bombs, for which
the show was a benefit, showed up and we ate tasty grilled veggies,
bananna nut muffins, and a sort of anise fennell soup, mmm!
Show was slated to start at 7, but there were only a few folks there
at 8 even, not including our good friends Curtis, joe, and jaime, but
they had special dollar performers beers (Narragansett ale) and we sat
with those while we waited... These same beers were somewhat
responsible for a domino effect that we only caught up with today...
Anyways, kurt went on as late as they'd let him and by the end of his
set the room had filled to third capacity, a nice surprise to come
around to!

We played with metal bands whose audience seemed to never have seen
anything like what I played, unlike some of the more ultra aware art
people we've played for, and I think it made a big impression, at
least in a few people who told me exactly that, but also perhaps all
around... The balloons were very well behaved that night too!

As I had mentioned, our olden friends were there, and we stayed up way
too late before we even realized any time had passed at all.. Fun and
it's time travel applications rearing their uglacious heads together

We woke up late, were slow to get out on our bikes due to wanting to
Internet some first, and then our package of merchandise arrived at
Curtis's work so we waited for him to go get it.. This has actually
been an ongoing problem, our packages of merchandise and maps arriving
the day after or later even than the day of the show... A lucky bit,
which is also a mixed blessing being that we don't actually sell many
CDs at each show, so we've plenty left over... But take note! Many
shows don't pay anything (providence was a benefit for food not bombs,
good cause!) so our only source of income is selling CDs, or we end up
dipping into our "emergency get home" funds account! If you're at a
show, help us eat pleeese! Ok, enough of that...

So, as late in the afternoon as we've ever left a place, (2ish) we
finally headed out for...

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Forest said...

When I lived in Providence, my friends and I would always get lost--but always ended up in Pawtucket.