Sunday, August 31, 2008


So as Dianne wrote, new jersey was super hard to bike through, all our
small looking routes turning into immense highways in the blink of an
eye, making for constant revisions and backtracking... We did
eventually make it through but were then late for our show at
marvelous music in Philly... Supposed to be there at 7, as another
completely different show started at 8:30! We actually thought we
might make it when we entered the city limits around 6:30, but soon
got thrown off our course (rt 13) by a bunk sign, asked some cops how
to get back on 13, which thee never heard of, and gave us different
directions between bouts of incredulity and proclomations that it was
impossible and that "you'll have to go under the L!!" which was no big
deal as it turned out.. Their directions called for an immediate left
onto a one way road going the wrong way, which I pointed out, and they
revised their directions seeing as we went with the flow of traffic..
We got to the beginning of walnut st 45 minutes later, and needed to
get to walnut and 42nd in about 5 minutes, if we were going to play at
all... This was the fastest and hardest I've ridden ever, in high gear
the whole way up, weaving through the standstill traffic and
eventually breaking through the downtowneyness and racing to the show,
arriving in just enough time to play really really short sets (upon
arrival we were told we had a half hour to set up, play, and get it
put away) which we did - I played first and in my rush to set up,
tangled the cords into a rats nest and tried to work it out during the
prformance, accidentally disconnecting plugs and cords in the
process.. U got the feeling that the doc in "back to the future" must
have felt when the plug from the clocktower came undone, though u had
only to walk over to plug it back in, while he had an exciting ride
down a cable into some bushes to fix his... Not quite the same,
Anyways, then kurt put a chair in the middle of the room and started
to play, though partway through the first song the soundguy tossed a
cable across the record bins towards him, followed by a mic stand and
mic... Basically did the soundcheck during the second verse! Kurt
played 2 more songs, and we all (we had met up with Brooke from espers
and Mary, with whom we were to stay that night as well as my friend
aliene from Northampton) went to Indian Buffett and let Mary drive our
gear back to her place while the rest of us followed Brooke on a
somewhat helter skelter ride up one way streets, down sidewalks, over
cars, and so on, presumably it's Philly bikers like Brooke the cops
were referring to when they were suprised at our hesitance to go the
wrong way up a one way street!!
Got to Mary's, she showed up later, having gotten caught in an hour
and a half traffic jam, tough!
Hung out for a minute, then showered and passed out hard!
Woke late the next day, and basically took forever to get going, but
did eventually, and followed the greenway through some oil refineries
and then down on some little paths through state parks bringing us to
wilmington, deleware, where we ate salad pizza for dinner, and
recieved a couple warnings that our route would take us through the
bad part of town, and we should reroute immediately, which we did, and
upon mounting our bikes to head out again, another cyclist suggested
that our new route was ridiculously out of the way to avoid an
imagined danger, and we should take a simple route that he laid out
for us.. And got us lost in what i presume to to be the bad part of
town (not so bad..) and we ended up just happening upon our intended
About an hour later we stopped at a gas station for further directions
(we make it up as we go along) and state police officer Fry
recommended headind west through Newark to some state reserved land he
thought we could find camping in... We ended up finding a ginourmous
field with super long grass (really good to sleep on) and upon waking
saw several deer across the field, excellent spot! On to Baltimore...

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Held up in Williamsburg

Sorry about the immense delay in textual entries... Our free time has
been limited.. To say the least! We're in Jamestown, virginia right
now, a couple miles away from Williamsburg, a college town with enough
smashed beer bottles on the side of the road to render us out of tubes
and patches in an hour last night... So I blog as we're held up, once
again waiting for the bike store to open (late: Sunday) in order to
get going again, just like last Sunday in Baltimore.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

more silly pics, and at velocipede in B'more

random travelling silly shots

ghost raub at spacespace

shayna, kalim, matthew... of new york fame..
Raub at goodbye blue monday

Kurt at Goodbye Blue monday, Brooklyn... me and Katy Haas (hello!), Me at GBM.

new haven pics, Ice cream!!!

Me (raub) in the gazebo. us (kurt and raub with ice cream1

kurt at spacespace, kurt with kaleem

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upcoming shows

Aug27th - monkeyclause studios, nellysford, va (near Charlottesville)

Aug 29th - the camel, Richmond, va

Aug 31st- Sarah carters house (314 north shore rd), Norfolk, va

Sept 3rd -  R3v3rb, Greenville, nc 

Sept 5th- Raleigh, nc (need show here, too!!!)

Sept 6th - eaglewing farms, chapel hill, nc (1533 clearwater lake road)

Sept 7th - Greensboro, NC (needed: show)

Sept 9th - charlotte, nc (need a show!!)

Sept 12th - ashville, nc (again, need a show!!)

Sept 16th - Athens, ga (need a showwwww!!!)

Sept 18 - wonder
root, Atlanta, ga

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Monday, August 25, 2008

From a parent's view. . .

Wonder where they are now?

Are they getting good weather? 

Where are they sleeping tonight?

Did they make it to (fill in the gig)?

Did Raub get his ATM card?

Do they have enough money???

How are the CD’s selling?

Oh!  A new entry on the blog -- Hooray!!!


We parents sit back here wondering, from day to day, what these travelers are up to.  We peek at the blog; and when there’s an entry or new photo, we’re excited (and sometimes relieved).  And though we know it’s hard for Raub, Dianne and Kurt to get access to put in more entries, as soon as we read one, we’re already waiting -- on pins and needles – for the next one.


Yes, we worry and wonder.  For me, though, it’s way more than worry and wonder.  It’s envy!  I read the blogs, and think, “They’re out there having an adventure, and getting fit, and seeing new places; while I’m sitting at my desk counting the hours till I can ‘go out and play.’”    Do they realize, as much as we parents do, how lucky they are to have been given this opportunity?  Though my little part in the adventure was hard, it still gave me a taste for what could be, and I find myself living vicariously through what I read on the cycledelic music trip blog.


So keep ‘em coming, Raub, Dianne and Kurt, whenever you can!  And keep having fun!!


Posted by Phyllis Roy, Raub’s mother, Monday, August 25



Phyllis Roy

Coordinator, Development & Public Relations

Baystate Franklin Medical Center

164 High Street

Greenfield, MA 01301




I am riding in a bike event, Wheeling for Healing, on September 20 to raise funds for the Baystate Franklin Medical Center Patient Needs fund.  Please visit my web page,, and consider pledging on my behalf!  Thank you!


P Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail

Always remember your dream of peace. . . and live it



Sunday, August 24, 2008

backed up in baltimore

we have had little time and even less internet connection!! this is the reason as to why our blog is a little outdated. we have the time and internet now only because we are in bike maintenance land in baltimore. Yikes!! kurt broke a spoke last night and raub has a wobbly wheel (i think due to the way the trailer attaches to the bike). we need to be in d.c. tonight for a show at the lighthouse...its about 35 miles away...and it is 4:30 now. we're hoping to make it there around 9...that's a lot of fast peddlin'...

to be continued...

p.s. for the parents...we're safe and having fun!!

p.p.s. thank you to all of the people we have met on the road that have provided tons of support, from directions to day old pastries...we couldn't do it without you!!

...entered by dianne from the Velocipede Bike Project in Baltimore...check it out this place rocks!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

impossible is nothing

snooze bar
path trains
and scary turnpikes.

giggle fits
library naps
exploding tires
and late night donuts.

middle school hideouts
Yoda in the distance.

never ending new jersey turnpike
Steve god of directions
fancy gloves
we made it out of jersey alive!

New York!

New York was amazing! We were very nervous on our approach into the Big City but can all agree now that it was our easiest and most relaxed of arrivals. Kalim, a friend of Kurt and Raub's (and now mine!!), was sweet enough to meet us in the Bronx and escort us through Manhattan to our destination in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we rode along the Hudson which was crowded with locals and tourists alike enjoying life under the warm sun. It was quite relaxing. 

On Sunday, our arrival day, the guys played at Goodbye Blue Monday, a cute little bar/cafe. Lots of old friends were in attendance...yaay!! We made new friends as well. Thank you Matthew Clark for letting us crash at your place and Simon we appreciate you sharing your space with us as well...glad that we (Raub and I) could entertain you with our snores!

Monday!!! We didn't get on our bikes at all!!! Our little tooshies are sore from all of the riding and were excited for this day. The three of us went in our own direction. Kurt walked the city, I toured around the city by means of subway and ferry (thank you Katy for being my escort for the day!!) and Raub hung low working on tour details and blog updates. We all rallied back together at the end of the night for a backyard potluck show at Matthew's place. The night started off with a guy who played a mandolin with effects surrounded with candles and blue was amazing!! I'm sorry to not remember his name but he was great. Kurt played a lovely set and the atmosphere was perfect. Everyone listening attentively and settling in closely as the night cooled off. Raub finished off the night...just right!!

Tuesday, more playing around the city finished with one of the best shows i've seen on the tour so far at Space! Space! The peep's there were so friendly...making us dinner and all!!

Wednesday...we're off but not before a maintenance check on the bikes and some delicious ice cream. On to Philly!!

entered by Dianne!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New London, new haven, dominos

Our trip to new London was additionally marred by furious storms, a
flat tire, poor roads with little or no shoulder, and lastly the
discovery that we had traveled too far south in rhode island, and that
one must cross an inlet to arrive in new London from the east, and the
only southernly direct bridges weren't accessable by bicycle... One
must cross further south on a ferry if one hopes to achieve one's new
London destination on bicycle... We realized this not long after we
had called to cancel the show... Highlights of this misadventure are
few but funny, one of which will be on a soon to be posted photo, of
me trying (somewhat successfully even!) to dry my soaked tshirt over a
super hot light at a trucker rest stop spot where we were mapping our
route... Apparently, people could see the light flickering a good ways
down the road, and were righteously surprised to discover the source
of such weirdness! I guess I took on the semblance of some sort of
holy man and kinds freaked out Dianne and kurt too... They're over it
now though.

Our other highlight was finding a suitable camping spot, which kurt
ultimately discovered in his observation of some high power transistor
lines, the sort that go for miles and miles and that would be maybe a
nice, albeit weird hike for someone someday... We scoped out a choice
spot under a pine tree, just out of view if the road, using our green
tarp to camouflage our all-too-meant-to-be visible bike trailers from
the street, and had a few oh so soft (thick layer of pine needles
under bedroll is the best!) hours of sleep before a Particuarly early
6am wake up in order to get to new haven on time..,

... So, what had been meticulously planned as an easy 60 mile from new
London to new haven, took on grueling and somewhat obnoxious
proportions that day, as in order to cross the inlet u had mentioned,
we had to backtrack north 20 miles.. Then still had the origional 60
to go!
We started off by sleeping through our alarm clock and getting out an
hour and a half later than planned, the second tier of the domino
effect that was started with our providence social over-indulgences...
.. Dianne got a flat as soon as we got on the road, and another within
20 minutes, where we discovered a tack in her tire... I got a flat an
hour later, and we realized that if we had any more problems or
breaks, we would miss our new haven show as well, which we were told
had a pretty tight time restriction. People in new London hadn't
responded to our emails and we didn't know anybody there so it seemed
ok to miss in a way, like no one would miss us, but the new haven show
was arranged by our good friend molly and we didn't want to let her
down.. In this respect, the heat was on, if you will!
So we rode and rode, discovering that mid conneticut is rather hilly,
the likes of which we hadn't seen since new Hampshire! We finally
found some reprieve in a junction that meant we had only another 20
miles to go, a regular day's bike ride, as kurt pointed out! After all
that, we crossed the town line as a hard and cold rain thrashed us
properly for our last 5 miles... Grueling.

The show was at redscroll records, a metal and noise shop in a well to
do putskirt of new haven, the name of which escapes me right now..

Anyways, we watched some fairly hilarious films molly had collected,
molly is am archivist, then kurt played, and I played out in a gazebo
a block away .. Sorta imvading some teenagers refuge and perhaps
scaring them away.,
Nice show altogether, though poorly attended and subsequently we felt
a little poorly for our grueling ride.. Oh well!

Our trip back to molly's house was 12 miles, but took us forever as I
was cranky and riding slow, but tried to snap out of it, but was
actually exhausted and started falling asleep on my bike, dreaming
weirdness and somehow not falling off... Then a few days ago in new
cacaan upon trying to fall asleep, I kept dreaming that I was riding
my bike and would awake suddnly, alarmed to find that I had fallen
Ok... Time to play Brooklyn, will catch you up to today tomorrow! Night!

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As we neared providence, running late as usual, we started to realize
that our directions were wrong, as the street we were to take avwats
in, was one way in the other direction!
Luckily, a fine young cyclist (jason) came to our aid upon being asked
for directions and actually escorted us straight to firehouse 13! This
is now our preferred method for getting fromthe city limits to the
show proper! In fact, today, in a few or so hours, upon seeing the NYC
skyline, we're to call our friend kaleem who will come meet us and
escort us through the busy ny byways, yessss!

Anyways, everyone at the firehouse was really nice and attentive to
our specific bikey needs, and after a while food not bombs, for which
the show was a benefit, showed up and we ate tasty grilled veggies,
bananna nut muffins, and a sort of anise fennell soup, mmm!
Show was slated to start at 7, but there were only a few folks there
at 8 even, not including our good friends Curtis, joe, and jaime, but
they had special dollar performers beers (Narragansett ale) and we sat
with those while we waited... These same beers were somewhat
responsible for a domino effect that we only caught up with today...
Anyways, kurt went on as late as they'd let him and by the end of his
set the room had filled to third capacity, a nice surprise to come
around to!

We played with metal bands whose audience seemed to never have seen
anything like what I played, unlike some of the more ultra aware art
people we've played for, and I think it made a big impression, at
least in a few people who told me exactly that, but also perhaps all
around... The balloons were very well behaved that night too!

As I had mentioned, our olden friends were there, and we stayed up way
too late before we even realized any time had passed at all.. Fun and
it's time travel applications rearing their uglacious heads together

We woke up late, were slow to get out on our bikes due to wanting to
Internet some first, and then our package of merchandise arrived at
Curtis's work so we waited for him to go get it.. This has actually
been an ongoing problem, our packages of merchandise and maps arriving
the day after or later even than the day of the show... A lucky bit,
which is also a mixed blessing being that we don't actually sell many
CDs at each show, so we've plenty left over... But take note! Many
shows don't pay anything (providence was a benefit for food not bombs,
good cause!) so our only source of income is selling CDs, or we end up
dipping into our "emergency get home" funds account! If you're at a
show, help us eat pleeese! Ok, enough of that...

So, as late in the afternoon as we've ever left a place, (2ish) we
finally headed out for...

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

More even


Martha's vinnie pixxx

Martha's vineyard

So... Our big rush to catch the ferry was for naught, as we not only
arrived in plenty of time, but didn't end up playing for a couple
hours due to waiting for people you show up, which never really
happened, I guess due to a festival and another show or something..
Fine fine, tasty Brie and bread after quelled all tensions.. Got lost
in the dark on the way to briannas house, but upon finding it, our
stay waS a delight, with a delishous farm fresh eggs and spuds and
cheesy biscuits breakfast.. Riding all day every day has a tendency of
focusing one's mind on food thoughts and memories, sorry!

Brianna made me a great iPod shuffle mix for biking to, too! Sun city,
willie nelson, Turkish techno!

Went swimming the next day, a picture of which will be posted soon, we
all floated very floatily in the salt wayter.

Then headed back to myles standish campground, my mom went home, and
we prepared our route to providence...

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'tis beaut'l here. We are in a grid-like zone called Scape. We
crashed through a glass door mistaken for screen while wholly mesh.
Zone Scape is scallop shell tile-based. Not like brushing your teeth,
nor licking a stamp; Scape is defined by "objectless motion". When
something is clear we call it "non". What a nice zone for cyclists.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Show Listings

Here is the most up to date list of shows. There will be more!
7.31.08  The Bookmill, Montague, MA with Vetiver
8.01.08  145 South Street, Northampton, MA with Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof, Schurt Kwitters
8.02.08  Wickermania, Goshen, MA with Big Blood, Sunburned Hand O' the Man, Visitations, Yuke of Space, Jow Jow, MV & EE, some Bunwinkiesesque kind-a thing, Heavy Creatures, Aswara, Black Medic, Shaw & Anna & a whole lot more, more more more!!!!
8.03.08  The Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT with MVEE and Travis Laplante
8.06.08  a park?, Portland, ME with ID M Theft Able, Shea (SORRY< RAINED OUT)
8.07.08  Marika's House, Kittery, ME with Chris Weisman and Sheena Charland
8.08.08  Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA with Anna and Shane
8.10.08  Che's Lounge, Vineyard Haven, MA

8.13.08 Firehouse 13, Providence, RI with Food not Bombs
8.14.08 Oasis Pub, New London, CT
8.15.08 Red Scroll Record Store, Wallingford, CT with Molly showing old movies!
8.17.08 Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY with Glass Ghost
8.18.08 Backyard potluck show!!! 59 Linden st, Brooklyn Ny 
8.19.08 Spacespace, Queens, Ny with Andrea Williams, living things
8.23.08 Golden West Cafe, Baltimore, MD
8.24.08 Lighthouse, Washington DC with DC Duo Janel & Anthony, New American Folk Hero Travelling Road Show: Mike Tamburo, Tusk Lord, Haunted Creatures, Kohoutek, Chris Niels, and possibly Melissa Moore
8.27.08 Monkeyclaus Studio Nellysford, VA (nearish to charlottesville)
8.29.08 the Camel, Richmond, VA
9.06.08 Eaglewing Farm, Chapel Hill, NC with Matt Bauer, Boyzone

Here are some dates we need shows on (ideas?):

8.21.08 Philadelphia, PA
8.31.08 Norfolk, VA
9.03.08 Greenville, NC
9.05.08 Raleigh, NC
9.06.08 Greensboro, NC
9.09.08 Charlotte, NC
9.16.08 Athens, GA
9.18.08 Atlanta, GA

We decided we'd rather turn around in Atlanta and ride home than ride to Florida and take a train. Sorry Florida.

Tour contact #: (413)512-1136

Mom and Dianne on the ferry to MV, Cape Cod cycle shots

Horaflora Album, plus two 20min tour only pieces for donation!

yup, some folks don't want to buy my limited edition, hand (custom) stamped, hand wrapped in national geographic pages tour CD or album, but wonder if it's available for download somewhere... ok, today we had some spare time, and I did it!
Kurt didn't seem to want to though...
anyways, just paypal to 

and donate whatever, and I'll send you links to the files, ok?

it's not all fancy automated, but will be a priority so I'll send them to you asap.. prolly within a day, ok?!?


Sunday, August 10, 2008



So, apparently when I try to blog from my phone, only the first page
of text makes it to the blog... This is demonstrated in the last 2
postings I believe... The very last one becoming all the more ominous
for it, huh?
I was going to say tv tell the whitehaus people that we're going to be
late, please call us... And put down my #

They DID call, though it didn't come through, and I got the message
the next afternoon.. Cellphones!

So, after being in the eye of the storm for a good halfhour, it calmed
down or moved on or something and we continued... At one point though
found our way blocked by a knee deep half block long puddle, which we
immediately forged, trailers floating behind us and cars sending waves
in their wakes...

Then we got really lost.

After a good hour or so of complete lostedness, kurt just figured out
which way in general jamacia plain was (south west) and we took a
hundred little alleys and side streets until we finally found
ourselves at berkely performing arts and there was a pretty straight
shot from there, we arrived around midnight, 5 hours after our eta.

The whitehaus family are some of the a1bestest people I've ever met,
immediately making us at home, getting Chinese food for us, and
keeping a core crowd around just long enough to let us relax and
finally play our sets... Lovely people, just lovely.

Yesterday kurt and I rode to south carver and met my mom and Dianne
(remember her from before? My gf, then title changed to friend and
advisor? (but still my girlfriend) well Do ya?) which we were late to
as well...

We all rode out to woods hole to catch the ferry to marthas vineyard,
only realizing how late we were again about 2 hours ago, then sprinted
to make the 6:15 ferry, which only kurt made, waving as I pulled up to
the dock... I'm writing this on the 630 freight, and dianne and my mom
should probably make the 7:30..,


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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ok. Torrential downpour. Stuck in a doorway in clifton, maybe? The streets have shin deep rivers... Waiting... Hey whitehaus guys, we're g
Halfway from portsmouth to boston, should pull in to whitehaus around 6... Btw, canceled our portland show due to rain,but then it cleared

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Raub on the ground, Kurt from below, Shayna on the ground.. all 3

some pics!

us camping on the side of the road in New Hampshire, roadside snack stop