Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Temporal mind strings squiggle out like grappling hocks in a scrambler. The web is twisted, braided, and some times just squeezed together with the strength it takes to make diamonds. We can't experience this flickering insect energy as motion but as exhausting and exhilarating blue shocks that enter through the nose and forehead.
This will all be a clearing soon. The web is in the path of a tornado. The only web-forms that will survive are those that have been frozen in the lava of a volcano. The rest will be spun back into raw material but the frozen base will form a smooth, grey swath for the void to rest on, a so-called infrastructure cut into the earth over the last hundred mind years. This is the setting for a two month mental glide.
Here are some pictures of Trailer Inspection Crew:

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