Saturday, September 06, 2008

September Reflections

September Reflections from Mom


September 5 – you are now way closer to the end of your journey than the beginning.  Impressive --  and kind of bittersweet, I imagine!  So what began as a bit of a pipe dream almost a year ago, is a reality now.


When I think of what you three have accomplished and when I pull out a U. S. map to follow your journey, I actually find myself getting choked up (oh, the blubbering mama syndrome!).  I know you've had your ups and downs, and perhaps it has been somewhat of a financial strain on you.  But, oh, it is so very, very worth it!  You'll have stories to tell and you'll have pride that will never, ever leave.  This trip wasn't really about making money – or it shouldn't have been; it's about going green and having the adventure of your lives – and you've accomplished both of those goals.


Meanwhile, back north, I continue to sigh – enviously -- wondering if I'll ever be able to do anything even remotely similar to this adventure of yours!


I wonder how it's going to feel to you when you really finish – when you're back home in the world of cars and jobs and daily schedules – and a wide variety food you can cook on the stove, and flush toilets and showers and lots of different clothes to wear. . . .  again, bittersweet, no doubt. 


We're all watching Hannah and Ike and hoping they won't blow you out of Atlanta,   Even if the hurricanes do end up stopping you, keep realizing that you DID what you set out to do; it won't be by any inability on your parts if you don't get there.  Blame it all on Mother Nature! 


Keep those blogs and photos coming – they are so imaginative entertaining, and everyone wants to hear all about each part of your trip.  I hope one of you kept track of your daily mileage along the way.  What a feast you can have at the People's Pint when you get back!  ☺


Best wishes, Raub, Dianne and Kurt, on the final leg of your Cycledelic Music Trip!  Bike safely, and enjoy each and every adventure to its fullest!


Ride on. . . .



Sent Saturday, September 5, 4;30 pm


Always remember your dream of peace. . . and live it



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