Saturday, September 06, 2008

fun facts and fancy figures

here's a little bit of the basics about some things...

daily average ride: 65 miles
average speed: 11 mph (faster in the morning after our coffee stop and slowest at night while searching for camping spot)
fastest speed: 42 mph (kurt), 37 mph (dianne), 32 mph (raub)
average number of times a day we tell our story: 6
number of times we've been told we're setting a world record: 2
number of recycling centers in virginia: 2 (that we came across. yes, we carry all of our recycling with us until we find a recycling center!)
best bbq (so far): nellysford, virginia...delicious place off the side of the don't need to know the name you can smell it form miles away...delish!!!
average days without shower: 5
best campsite finder: raub...this is his favorite part of the trip...beware thorn bushes...he's got a stick and not afraid to use it!
best mechanic: kurt...he can fix it all...but because of excessive flat tires for some we are now in charge of fixing our own.
most giggly: dianne...these guys keep me in stitches
number of exploding tires: 3 (all raub's)
fav cheap and quick meal: can of greens and sardines
most common bike problem: chain falling off
number of bathroom stops per day: 10 (15 for kurt!)
earliest start time: 5 am
latest riding time: 4am
average number of times we change our route per day: 3...but we're getting better at was a lot more in the beginning

that's all i can think of for now...enjoy!!


Phyllis said...

You can add: number of times MOM checks the cycledelicmusictrip blog per day: 8!

Number of times/day Mom wonders where you are and what you're doing: 15

Love the fun facts and fancy figures!!!

Kurt's Mom said...
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Kurt's Mom said...

Hi Kurt, Raub and Diane. We were relieved that you were not in the middle of Hurricane Hanna! Your trip has been so much fun to follow. What great adventures! I really enjoyed the latest "Fun facts and fancy figures"! Keep having fun and we can't wait to see you and hear it all.

sarah said...

hope all is well! tried to post beach pics but couldn't get pics loaded because photobucket sux. newayz! loaded from my computer to my blawg so you can get em that way. peace signs!<3sarah

Kalim said...

where the heck are ya guys now? thinking about you on your ride!