Monday, September 01, 2008


Writing from Williamsburg still, where my tire has exploded 5 times,
our pump seems to have broken, and because of these things, I have
some time to write while kurt and Dianne go get a new tire and pump
from the bike store... Anyway, the ride to Baltimore that day was
pretty smooth, mostly on rt. 1 and we enjoyed a breif section through
some state park before heading down 40 through increasingly dense
strip malls (this is usually the case when entering cities on bike
friendly routes), stopped for dinner, and shortly after dinner, kurt
broke a spoke...! This is no easy fix without the proper tools, and a
new spoke.. And is a rather debilitating one to boot! We had
discovered earlier that day that our show wasn't scheduled to start
until 10:30, which had relaxed us quite a bit (we're usually expected
around 6 or 7, and rarely arrive on time... Heh heh) and we had been
joking about how, though we still had hours to spare, something would
end up making us late.. Well this was it!
After a while, Kurt somehow jury-rigged his tire to be able to roll,
though it would be bad in the long run for his wheel on a whole, and
we set off very slowly and carefully, kurt between Dianne and I.. And
we arrived at the golden west around 11..Yesss!!
The show was fun, lexie (who booked it, and of the lexie mountain
boys) was great and had made really cute posters for us, which we have
one of and should probably post a picture of..
My set was one of my better ones, at one point discovering that
resting my balloon on the linoleum table makes a great sound, then
playing with that for a minute or so... Discoveries are fun!
Kurt went on next, and had deferred amplification, but hadn't realized
that only part of the space was for performance, and the rest is the
bar proper, and that while there were a plentitude of people there to
see the show, there was a rather large crowd in the bar still, loudly
singing along to the talking heads at one point, and in general
drowning out kurt! So, having discovered this during his first sing,
he then requested a mic, and for several minutes he and lexis fought
feedback problems and he went on again, though still somewhat quiet
and getting little fits of amp squall here and there! So, for the
third song, he moved further into the audience area, and had similiar
problems as with the second song, the fourth one he gave up the amp
altogether and just sat in the audience... Which is how he ended up
playing the remaining few songs... Lesson: do a soundcheck, then if
you can play acoustically, do it, but if not, you'll be prepared! A
life lesson, that...
Teeth mountain played after, two drummers, a cellist, and two
violinists, the strings all going through effects.. Excellent!!
We got a little lost going to the teeth mountain household after,
where we were to stay, but found it eventually, and I now refer you to
the "backed up in Baltimore" entry from the day after all of this
where we find a great bike shop but don't leave the city until very
late In the day...

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